Litigation Support and Courts

Holly Nelson, ISA CAPP – ISA CERTIFIED APPRAISER of Personal Property, is formally trained non-biased EXPERT TRIAL WITNESS who has been qualified by courts.  Her familiarity with what the courts are looking for and her real world litigation support experience can provide you with an edge for your case and help to avoid costly settlement mistakes.

Nelson’s Appraisals is familiar with the legal processes from discovery to trial.  Our services range from verbal consultations to full on or off-site written appraisals including cataloging, photographing and opinions of value.

Our reports are written in a professional manner resulting in a bound appraisal book that is clear and easy to understand and follow.  These reports are counted on by attorneys, courts and clients to help make the most equitable decision in each particular case.  It is an invaluable tool to use when you need to prove the value of personal propery.

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