Let’s face it; if you are looking at this page, you are most likely either considering, or are already in the midst of a very difficult transition in your life.  Divorce is never fun, but unfortunately it is common in today’s world.  Whether you have been married 6 months or 60 years, we understand that this time can be a challenge.  Nelson’s Appraisals offers compassionate and confidential solutions for your individual circumstances.  Our non-biased opinions of value are there to help you as you navigate through discovering the true value of personal property.

How can you know that the shop equipment may only be worth a few hundred dollars, or that the furniture in the house could be worth thousands? Simple…a qualified appraisal from Nelson’s will provide the answers for you.  We catalogue, photograph and provide a professional written appraisal for you to use during the divorce process.  It is one of the best investments you can make to ensure you get your fair share during the dissolution.

Hopefully your case will not end up in a trial, but if it does, you can rest assure that your appraisal was completed by a professionally trained Expert Trial Witness, who has real world experience testifying in these types of cases.  Contact us for a free phone consultation to see how we can help you.