Corporate Asset Management

nelsonapp glass sculpture

Protection of corporate or private business assets doesn’t always just include the operation equipment that the business uses, but often it is common that over time, the company has ascertained a collection of artworks or important documents.  All too often, these collections are kept without giving much thought to their current value and the insurance protection they might need.  Perhaps they are pieces that were acquired as part of the business as a whole when it was bought or inherited from a previous owner.  It is common that companies are stunned when they realize just how much money these pieces can be worth.

Is your lobby filled with impressive sculptures or artworks, rare company prototypes or maybe even important company documents buried in the basement vaults?  Don’t assume that they are automatically covered in case of a loss, often times they are not unless they are insured with a proper appraisal.  Nelson’s Appraisals provides expert inventory services and detailed valuation reports, many of which often require complex report writing skills in which we specialize.

On the other hand, it is also common that corporations and private businesses have collections that they no longer want and have just placed in storage but they don’t know what to do with it.  This is where we come in…our expertise can provide you with a market valuation of your collection and also assist you in locating the best markets to sell the property in for a maximum return on your investment.  Ask about our brokerage services for further details.

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